Speciální sportovní kočárky Benecykl výroba sportovních kočárků

EN: Sporty buggies and strollers Kozlík

Sporty buggy Kozlík is an ideal choice for all active parents who are looking for safe and reliable transport equipment for sport activities, on trips as well as into town. It offers maximum security with an emphasis on elements supporting healthy child development, easy manipulation, allowing immediate use and durable construction to facilitate movement in any terrain.

Handbiky Benecykl výroba sportovních kočárků

Handbike Kozoroh

Handbike Kozoroh, a model designed for disabled persons and users of orthopedic stroller. It offers a new dimension of movement in the city as well as in the countryside. Its design allows easy and comfortable movement even in barrier or unpaved surface. Handbike Kozoroh will safely take you to places you have not visited so far.

Tříkolky Benecykl výroba sportovních kočárků

Tricycle Veleon

Tricycle Veleon is suitable for all those who are looking for quick, safe and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Model Veleon joins dynamics of classic bicycles and stability of a tricycle, thanks to the optional driving modes it is used for both transportation in the city as well as for sport activities. Easily attachable transport box also allows comfortable transport of children or of a cargo.